As soon as you accept our quote, you need to make a payment of €50.00. The rest of the amount will be paid on delivery.
For orders placed in Greece, the full payment needs to be made before the order is dispatched.
The deposit is nonrefundable.
The deposit seals our agreement, and it is used to design and create the envelopes or other products that need preparing.
The prices are VAT inclusive.

The designing price includes up to 4 changes of the initial design agreed in person or through email correspondence.
Changing the design more than 4 times incurs the additional cost of €10.00 per change.
The invitation design is our company’s intellectual property and using it for any reason whatsoever without our permission is forbidden.
If and only when we cannot by any means help with your printing request, will we forward you the design. There must be no interference with the design we send you without our permission.
We bear no responsibility for typographical errors.
The final design is sent to the customer for approval before proceeding to the printing stage.

Other products
We should point out that two wax stickers can never be the same in size and shape. If you wish to include our own handmade ribbon, you will need to make a timely order. Please note that two pieces of ribbon can never have the same width.
To make the wax stickers and the handmade ribbon we need 3-8 working days and 5-10 working days for overseas customers.

Handmade paper
For the use of handmade, cotton paper please be aware that no two pieces of this paper can ever be the same. There will always be small differences in size and colour.

In case you need additional invitations, please note that we cannot guarantee that the second printing will be exactly the same as the first. It is advisable to add some extra invitations to your order.
For the final printed draft (draft before the final printing) there can be no guarantee that the colours will be exactly the same as in the final printing.
For letterpress, foil press, and handmade paper, the sample can only come in digital printing and regular 300 g cardstock.
Please note that the colours of the sample you will receive in digital printing will be different from the colours in letterpress printing.

Seating chart
To deliver on time and avoid delays in designing and printing the seating chart, the last day we should receive it should be exactly 5 working days before the event takes place.
The chart should be sent in Excel or Word in alphabetical order.
More than 3 changes of the chart incur the additional cost of €10.00 per change.
We bear no responsibility for typographical errors.
The final design is sent to the customer for approval before proceeding to the printing stage.
The shipping costs of the seating chart or other products printed on foam board (polysterene) are exclusively covered by the customer. Our company does not cover the shipping cost of such fragile items.

Shipping overseas
For overseas shipping, the shipping costs are covered by the customer.

Accepting the quote
The quote can only be accepted in writing, by email (never orally or through the phone).

Our company is not responsible for delays (including delivery) caused by situations for which we are not liable or acts of force majeure, and we will be rightfully granted an extension to finish the order.
Some indicative examples include strikes, supply/transport/production issues, exchange rate fluctuations, government or legislative acts, and natural disasters.